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The Mission Control Catalog is a centralized repository that automatically discovers, transforms and tracks infrastructure, applications and configuration across many environments.

Some key benefits include:

  • Automatic Discovery - Automatically discovers resources by scraping external systems like Kubernetes, AWS, Git, SQL, etc
  • Changes - Track changes to resources over time through diff or event based change detection, improving MTTR drastically.
  • Insights - Aggregate security, cost, performance and reliability insights from AWS Trusted Advisor, Config Rules, Azure Monitor, Trivy etc.
  • Dependency Mapping - Automatically map dependencies between resources to understand impact of changes.
  • Single Pane of Glass - Browse, search and take action on resources without the need to switch between multiple consoles.

Under the hood the catalog is powered by

The catalog is comprised of:


Config items, insights and change are ingested using scrapers which are jobs that run periodically, scrapers come in 2 types:


Native scrapers ingest config items from common sources like AWS, Kubernetes, Azure and automatically add metadata and relationships


Custom scrapers ingest raw data from Files and SQL queries the results of which need to mapped to metadata and relationships manually.

A configuration summary is shown below: