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Flanksource Mission Control is an Internal Developer Platform that helps teams improve developer productivity and operational resilience.

With Mission Control you can:

When not to use Mission Control

Mission Control is best suited for medium to large teams with complex infrastructure and applications. If you have a simple setup with just a few servers, tools like Ansible, Terraform and Prometheus may be enough.

  • Your primary concern is Development Experience & Maturity. Mission Control is focused on improving the operational experience for developers, enabling them to quickly understand, troubleshoot and operate on complex systems.
  • You prefer ClickOps to GitOps. Mission Control is built on a GitOps first principle, and configured using Kubernetes Custom Resource Defintions. While there is a configuration UI, it is primarily for rapid prototyping and testing.
  • Your application / team has no dependencies across multiple teams or services. Mission Control is best suited for distributed systems with dependencies across teams and services that need to be visualized and tracked.

While YAML is preferred for configuration, Mission Control does provide highly optimized UI for viewing, navigating and operating on the catalogs and playbooks defined in YAML/CRDs.

  • Your system is very simple with few applications, dependencies and changes.

Getting Started

See Deployment Models to get started with either self-hosted, SaaS or hybrid models.

Getting Help

If you have any questions about canary checker:

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